Meet Ru-PAC's 2021 Spring Interns!

Ru-PAC is pleased to introduce its second cohort of interns for the 2021 Spring Semester!

This Spring Semester, our interns will be working on one of two teams: the PR Team or Policy Analysis Team. We had a lot of great and talented individuals apply, here are the ones who made the final cut!

PR Team:

Aidan Music - Originally from Connecticut, USA, Aidan moved to Washington, DC to study at the American University. Graduating a semester early in 2018, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with a specialty in Foreign Policy and National Security in Eastern Europe. He also received a minor degree in Psychology.

During his studies, Aidan also had the opportunity to study abroad in both Havana, Cuba and Moscow, Russia.

Currently, Aidan is studying for his Master’s Degree in Governance and Global Affairs at MGIMO; writing a dissertation about the World Order.

Aidan’s interest in Russia began from a young age as he was always interested in Eastern Europe because his father was originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina. On top of that, he was always fascinated with Cold War history. Aidan’s other interests include travel, photography, and cooking.

Christian Oliver - Originally from Georgia, USA, Christian currently lives in Moscow, Russia where he is pursuing his Bachelor's in Governance and Global Affairs at MGIMO.

During his time at MGIMO, he has founded and chaired the university's first American Student Association or 'Американское Землячество'.

In addition to studying Russian and Spanish at university, Christian is writing his Bachelor's thesis on Artificial Intelligence in Global Governance and will graduate in the Summer of 2021.

Christian will be joining us for the second time as an intern, as he participated in Ru-PAC's 2020 internship program.

Igor Aunapu - Originally from Russia, Igor spent much of his upbringing abroad where he finished school in the UK.

Igor Aunapu is a foreign policy analyst at Ru-PAC. He is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Arabic at the Moscow State Institute of International Affairs.

While at Ru-PAC, Igor will mostly be writing about US-Russia relations in the Middle-East and North Africa.

Mario Lopez - A Miami native, Mario completed his university education in Paris, France. Where he attended the American University, majoring in political science. Mario is currently doing a Master's in Psychology in Chicago, USA. He is particularly interested in bridging the gap between US-Russia relations, where he believes more can be accomplished working together than divided.

Policy Analysis Team:

Daria Matyashova - Daria is an International Relations student who has stationed her life in Saint Petersburg and its magnificent Saint Petersburg University.

For her Bachelor's, Daria has studied soft power and the Asia-Pacific region. In the first year of her Master's, her specialization shifted to international conflicts and rising powers.

"Russian-US relations stay conflictual - and in their context, I would like to focus on common perception, economic issues like sanctions, and the cutting-edge topic of cybersecurity."

Fedor Rosliakov - Fedor is a student of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at St. Petersburg State University.

As a researcher, he works on issues in international relations in the Asia-Pacific region, the Korean Peninsula, as well as issues on space policy.

During his childhood, he spent one summer in New York, so I discovered a personal interest in American affairs.

"I believe the issues that remain relevant in the study of the US on a professional level are the consideration of cross-cultural differences between Russian and American societies. I hope that my experience will help to establish new contacts between our peoples."

Mikhail Dikhtemirov - At the moment Mikhail is a third-year Ph.D. student at the Department of Philosophy and Humanitarian Profile at the V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University. His scientific interests include international migration, social consequences of migration, international relationships, soft-power.

Despite sanctions and political isolation, he has represented Crimea at a TV Debate organized by the BBC in London in May 2019, where they discussed the results of views of Crimeans in Russia with Ukrainian opponents. Mikhail also took part in The 5th ASEAN Russia Youth Summit in Manila, Philippines.

"I believe that in near future US-Russia relations will become better than they are now, and negative rhetoric about Russia and Crimea will exhaust itself."

Sam Schilling - From Minnetonka, Minnesota. Currently in his fourth year at the University of Virginia, studying Foreign Affairs and History.

Sam specializes in U.S.-Russian relations, U.S.-China relations, post-Cold War security structures, and NATO’s role in Europe.

Under the Policy Analyst role at Ru-PAC, Sam is highly motivated to provide policy proposals and suggestions to the American political arena, in hopes of advancing Russia-America relations.

Apart from his studies, Sam is a two-time team captain of the UVA Men’s Swim & Dive team. He also is a member of the National Security, Intelligence, and Defense Club at UVA.