With the Syrian Civil War ostensibly drawing to an end, Russia and the United States have a number of avenues for collaboration. Both countries have common strategic interests to prevent radicalization and the revival of ISIS-like groups, to prevent the use of chemical weapons, to avoid conflict with each other, and to ultimately provide a pathway for stabilization in Syria.

That said, the United States has not been the most helpful towards stabilization. Although the United States’ contribution has been priceless in the fight against the Islamic State, the U.S. has simultaneously prolonged the war with strikes against the UN-recognized Syrian government, sanctions that target the reconstruction effort, and by propping up extremist elements in Syria that do not share Washington’s values. Our goal is to educate and draw attention to this particular issue because we believe that an informed American public would favor stabilization in Syria and a foreign policy that promotes just that.

With Russia and the United States’ combined military leverage, both Syria and the Middle East at large have the potential to be a safer, more peaceful place.