Last year alone, Russia and the United States achieved more than $28.4 billion dollars in trade. That trade included and includes a wide variety of products from natural resources, to equipment/machinery, medical supplies, and everything in between. Simply put, trade between Russia and the United States is a win-win for both countries. It allows for more products and products of higher quality to stock the shelves in both Russia and the United States, while simultaneously creating jobs and prosperity for the companies and workers involved.

However, despite that, there are a number of hurdles preventing Russian and American businesses from reaching greater levels of economic trade and collaboration. Those hurdles most notably include the host of sanctions levied by the United States that target Russian individuals, companies, and whole branches of Russia’s economy. Those sanctions are unjustified, unwarranted, and counterproductive - especially considering such sanctions inadvertently harm a number of American businesses.

Even President Donald Trump has expressed an interest in improving business relations. In May, President Trump told reporters at the White House “We intend to do a lot of trade with Russia. We do some right now. It’s up a little bit. But [Putin would] like to do trade and we’d like to do trade.”

Our goal is to make that intention a reality by bringing more attention to these specific sanctions and being a channel for building better business relationships.