What's it like interning at Ru-PAC?

Here's what our interns said about their experience working at America's one and only pro-Russia lobby.

Ru-PAC’s 2021 Spring Internship has come to an end and as we look forward to the 2021‘s Summer Internship Program, we reflect back on what has been accomplished by our partners and interns over the last few months.

As you may already know, Ru-PAC, or The Russian Public Affairs Committee, is an independent non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to developing and strengthening the relationship between Russia and The United States. Ru-PAC does this in a number of ways, such as engaging and educating the public on the Russian perspective through event-based outreach, media outreach, and university-based initiatives.

Our intern team each quarter plays an important role when it comes to our engagement-based work. Interns have the option of applying for one of three teams – the policy analysis team, research team, and PR team. Depending on an applicant’s preference, interns have the opportunity to develop their political activism skills in a number of ways. Whether that be through in-depth research, writing reports on recent developments, or planning events in the U.S. and Russia.

Here are a few questions answered by our interns of the Spring 2021 round.

Question: What is it like interning for Ru-PAC?

Christian Oliver: This was my second time interning for Ru-PAC and I can definitely say the experience has exceeded my expectations. Through the program, I have been able to meet and work with other like-minded Russian and American students that also study in the field of international relations and want to put their interests to work now.

I myself chose to study for my bachelor’s in Russia in order to place myself in a position to see the other side of what is reported to us back home. And when I found out about Ru-PAC I was pleasantly surprised to learn that an NGO like this existed. Now I am able to hit the ground running and get involved in efforts to improve U.S.-Russian relations now.

Question: What was your favorite thing about interning at Ru-PAC?

Aiden Music: For me, my favorite thing about working at Ru-PAC is the diversity of the group. With such a diverse group we get to be exposed to different viewpoints and backgrounds, working together to find common ground and then work forward from there has really helped to broaden my horizons. And to do so with a high level of respect and correspondence made it even that much better. I was also very delighted to be able to use additional skills that I normally don’t have the opportunity to exercise in the field of IR, whether that be graphic design or video editing and photography. Overall, the experience was very enriching and inviting.

Question: What skills were you able to harness during your time at Ru-PAC?

Sam Schilling: During my time at Ru-PAC, I was able to effectively analyze existing U.S. policies and actively provide policy suggestions, to better improve Russia-U.S. relations. Additionally, being able to work with such a motivated and diverse group of individuals at Ru-PAC was a special experience. We were all driven to enhance the relationship between the United States and Russia, and it was gratifying to watch our hard work pay off. The Ru-PAC internship was an amazing and incredibly rewarding experience!

As you can see our intern team is a diverse and stimulating place to develop your skills and interests in U.S.-Russian relations. To truly make a difference. If you are interested in joining the next Summer 2021 round of interns, we are currently looking for individuals with a background in international relations, post-soviet studies, Russian language, etc.

To apply send your CV, cover letter, and a sample of your writing to hunter@ru-pac.com! The deadline is April 30.