WHo We Are

Ru-PAC is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to developing and strengthening the relationship between the United States and Russia through education, dialogue, and policy recommendations that promote the interests and security of both countries.

We believe that both education and dialogue are vital to building a better Russia-U.S. relationship. Our organization is therefore engaged in educating the public on the Russian perspective through event-based outreach, media outreach, and university-based initiatives. In doing so, our goal is to be a political voice for Russian Americans and those who want better relations with Russia. Together we can make a tangible impact on policy that makes both countries stronger, safer, and more prosperous.

Meet The Team


Hunter Cawood



Oleg Maslov



Cameron Deitz

Partner/Policy Analyst



Ru-PAC partners with a variety of think-tanks and civil society organizations. Together we collaborate on projects aimed at building and strengthening Russia-U.S. relations.